Wearing less than three articles of black clothing could be considered extreme in Melbourne. But this list is all about outlandish experiences thatll get your heart thumping and your adrenaline pumping without travelling more than 10 kilometres from the city centre. There must be a fair few thrill-seekers in this town because it turns out Melbourne has plenty of extreme sports on offer.


Skydive Melbourne

Skydive Melbourne does tandem skydives day in and day out, making this bucket list activity accessible to all. You know the drill: you hop on a plane, get strapped to your buddy and leap out of the plane at 14,000ft. Youll experience 60 (long) seconds of freefall before the parachute opens and you glide to the ground for 5-7 minutes. The views are incredible and the rush will stay with you for days.

42A Marine Parade, St Kilda 3182 |1300 663 634


Global Ballooning

Dont get it twisted just because hot air balloons float ever-so-gracefully doesnt mean theyre not thrilling. Global Balloonings sunrise flight takes you kilometres above the streets of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, dipping low to see some sites and soaring up to clear towering trees or buildings. Melbourne is one of the few cities in the world that can be seen by balloon; a factoid that we find equally charming and thrilling.

192 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne 3002 |1800 627 661


Rap Jumping

Inspired by army training, Rap Jumping offers guided sessions of freestyle ropework down the side of a sheer and towering city wall. With ropes coiled around your body for safety, youll rappel down the vertical surface. Though its considered an extreme sport, youll remain in control of your speed throughout the descent, so you can ease into it if youre new to the whole adrenaline junkie thing.

334 City Rd, Southbank 3006 |1300 780 266



Getting extreme with kitesurfing will take a bit of time, but once you know what youre doing, its thrill central! Kitesurfing is like regular surfing with a huge kite strapped to you. When the wind catches your kite, youll be lifted into the air (sometimes surprisingly high) and when the gust subsides, you can pick up a fair bit of speed on your way back to the water. GoKite offers kitesurfing lessons for all experience levels, so anyone can give it a go.

324 Beaconsfield Pde, St Kilda 3182 |0428 465 483

Satisfy Your Inner Thrill Seeker within 10km of the CBD
There must be a fair few thrill-seekers in this town because it turns out Melbourne has plenty of extreme sports on offer.
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