How many times have Australians claimed a Kiwi as our own?! Far from the first, Dave Verheul is a native Kiwi who has risen through the ranks to become one of Australias hugely celebrated chefs.

After years of working in some of Londons best Michelin-starred restaurants, Dave is now head chef of Melbournes Embla and Carltons The Town Mouse.

Having worked at Heston Blumenthals Fat Duck, Daves signature skills include crafting perfectly-balanced menus which unleash the wild power of the simplest ingredients.

With other CV credentials including working alongside Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay in London, Dave has made quite a name for himself.

Embodying a back-to-the-soil ethos and promoting higher proportions of veggies to meat, Daves work at Embla and The Town Mouse has seen dishes of broccoli and red cabbage find a huge audience.

Drawn to the kitchens by the energy, teamwork and camaraderie, Dave believes there are plenty of Aussie kitchens to rival even the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the international food capitals of the world.

With Embla coming eighth place in the 2017 Australias Top Restaurant list and winning Best New Restaurant for 2017 in the Age Good Food Guide Awards, Daves focus remains firmly affixed on the happiness of his patrons.

Drawing inspiration from both the fresh produce and the wood-fired oven at Embla, Daves knack for coming up with new flavour combinations comes from both a well-honed palate memory and a knack for creatively pairing new flavours.

Presenting their dishes in a casual, fun and engaging way, the team at Embla are professionals with the well-honed skill for enticing and engaging their diners, night after night.

With a love for rustic flavours to compliment a fine dining experience, Daves approach to modern yet rustic food is a delicate balancing act with has deservedly delivered him numerous accolades and huge praise.

For a fresh insight on just how great red cabbage can be, dont miss Daves impressive menus at Embla and The Town Mouse.



122 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000 |(03) 9654 5923 |@daveverheul


The Town Mouse

312 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053 |(03) 9347 3312


Photo ofDave Verheul
Dave Verheul
Job Title
Head Chef
122 Russell St,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000


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