The so-called ‘Paris end’ of Collins Street has gotten plenty of press over the years thanks to its postcard good looks and pricey shops (think Chanel and Prada). Meanwhile, the ‘boring’ end and its surrounding streets have muddled away in relative obscurity (probably due to the fact they’re home to a whole lot of dull legal offices and courts). But the times they are a-changin’ and now you can get a good coffee and a good lawyer all in the same block! So get ready to hang on, as Postcoder introduces you to some of the best coffee shops in Legal-land!


Bonnie Coffee Co.

Bonnie by name and bonnie by nature, this uber cool coffee hub is a must for anyone who loves an ultra-smooth coffee experience. Located on the ground floor of a spectacular Victorian era building, Bonnie Coffee Co. is utterly gorgeous, too. And if you need a nibble with your cold-drip-double-shot-whatever, there are a bunch of yummy donuts and pastries to tuck into as well!

Shop 5/495 Collins Street, Melbourne 


Patricia Coffee Brewers

Want to know why there’s always a long line out the door of Patricia’s? Simple – these guys make great coffee. And they take it super seriously, too (so maybe don’t ask for that quarter-strength latte with skinny milk, if you hear what we’re saying). Fitted out in an urban grunge style (you know, crates, subway tiles and that sort of stuff) Patricia’s is practically drowning in its own coolness, but is saved by the fact the staff are friendly and efficient.

Little Bourke Street & Little William Street, 3000


Common Ground

Another star on the coffee scene is Common Ground, all the way over on Victoria Street. Their beans are all 100% certified organic Arabica beans, and it shows – the coffee here is full flavoured an expertly roasted. These guys also don’t mind if you eat food with your coffee either, and have developed a menu for exactly that purpose – with excellent breakfast and lunch offerings. They source their produce from the nearby Vic Market, so you know it’s as fresh as it gets.

225-229 Victoria Street, West Melbourne 3003



Oli&Levi have determined that good looks are just as important as great coffee. And to that end they have decked out their Collins Street pad with the obligatory subway tiles and staffed it with bearded hipsters. Somehow it all adds to the flavour of the coffee – it just tastes cooler somehow.

446 Collins Street, 3000 


CBD coffee hot spots – where you least expect them
CBD coffee hot spots – where you least expect them
Check out some of these classic coffee spots when you need a strong coffee in Melbourne CBD
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