We chat to Black Drum Roasters about the origins of their brew.

Who is the head roaster?

Our Master Roaster is Scott Jones, who is also the founder of Black Drum Roasters. Having been in the coffee industry since 1986, Scott has seen coffee drinking in Australia evolve from being primarily a tea-drinking society, to having a passion for espresso, and, more recently, acquiring a taste for specialty coffee with a focus on origin and provenance. Scott is passionate about getting the most out of every roast, and it is this dedication to the craft of roasting that inspires the rest of the Black Drum team.

How long have you been roasting and how did it start?

Scott Jones met Kevin Crouse, who has a background in social enterprise, in 2013 and from there Black Drum was born. In the meeting of these two minds, our focus on community, sustainability and excellence was forged. We have always been based in Western Sydney and it is here that we have found a community of like-minded coffee drinkers with whom we are happy to share our product.

What is your roasting process?

Our roasting HQ, located in Blacktown, is the hub of our operations. Combining cutting edge technology with an appreciation for the art and craft of coffee, roasting is the core of our business. Starting before sunrise, our team is in the roastery working to our weekly roasting schedule, monitored at a minute level through Cropster technology. In conversations with our suppliers and our customers, we are constantly refining the roasting process to ensure an exquisite coffee experience.

Quality control is conducted in house which ensures that the heritage of each bean is respected and allowed to contribute to the final product. Once the beans have gone through our Probat, Renegade or Giesen roasting technology their freshness is immediately sealed in either our Propac, Comunetti or Smart Weigh packaging process.

What are your goals for the roastery?

Only five years young, the journey for Black Drum is just beginning. Having recently relocated to a dedicated roasting facility that is wholly our own, we are ready to start the next chapter of Black Drum Roasters. We hope to able to innovate with new blends, origins and roast profiles while continuing to serve our loyal community of cafes, companies and coffee lovers.

What are the values of the roastery?

Our values are set out in our vision and mission statement, which reads:

“BDR Vision: Raising the standard of excellence in coffee, with passion for people, product and planet.
BDR Mission: Black Drum is committed to creating an exceptional experience for everyone we engage within the coffee community, including farmer, employee, business, caf, and coffee lover.”

These words are not just a platitude, however, and we return to them at every step of the way. Whether that means making the journey to origin to meet the farmers and workers who grow and process our coffee, investing in our team at the roastery to enable the best beans to reach our customers, or providing training and assistance for caf owners, we are committed to making the coffee experience a rich and rewarding one for those at each stage of the process.

What’s the story behind Black Drum?

Each of the individuals at Black Drum has their own story and journey with coffee. Whether that is discovering the depth of flavour possible in the humble brew once joining the organisation, or having previous habits upended with exposure to the complexities of the roasting process, we all bring a unique perspective to coffee roasting. We continue to share this story through our journal (https://www.bdr.coffee/journal/), and it chronicles our obsession with all stages of the coffee journey.

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