Melbournes best sweet pies are baked in a little caf kitchen on Munro Street, Coburg. The woman behind every single sweet, sweet pie is Nadia Camus, who peddles her delicious desserts as Blackberry Belle.

Nadia is a self-taught pie-maker, but its clear she has a brain for baking her pies are perfection. She does a classic apple and a popular sour cherry, but she also dabbles in unusual fillings like nectarine-strawberry, chocolate-chilli or peach-blueberry. If you want to try them all, keep an eye on Blackberry Belles Instagram feed to stay on top of pie-tasting events at Coburgs True North caf and food markets around Melbourne.

The made-to-order pie menu changes regularly and if youre desperate for a certain pie you dont see on the menu, Nadia can usually accommodate special requests with enough notice. And with about three vegan pies on the menu at any given time, Blackberry Belle is also a great option for sweet-toothed vegans.

Nadia was inspired to become a pie-smith after a trip to the USA, where sensational sweet pies abound. Once home, she slowly developed the buttery crust and glossy fillings that have become the trademark of Blackberry Belles homemade pies.

Coburg locals and fans from nearby postcodes order Blackberry Belle pies for birthdays, weddings, BBQs, corporate events and more. The ordering process is super-simple; just check out the current pie menu, email Nadia at with your order, and shell get back to you with an order confirmation. She works out of True Norths kitchen, so thats the pie pick-up point.

If you want to see an awesome video featuring Nadia’s pies and an epic food fight, check it out here


Blackberry Belle at True North

2A Munro Street, Coburg 3058 |


Video produced by Raechel Harding

Feature Photo byChloe Benko-PrieuronUnsplash

Service Type
Cafe and Patissirie
Provider Name
Blackberry Belle at True North,
2A Munro Street,Coburg ,Victoria-3056,
Telephone No.412573505
Coburg 3056
The woman behind Melbournes best sweet pies is Nadia Camus, who peddles her delicious desserts in Coburg as Blackberry Belle.


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