This guide will help you get a drink and have fun without leaving Coburg.

Coburg bars are few and far between, so dont plan a bar crawl around this suburb because youll be walking a lot. Most of the burgs bars fall under the category of casual hangout rather than pumping nightclub, but that suits the tone of this laid-back northern land perfectly.


Post Office Hotel

Much like the actual post office, sometimes you just gotta-go to the Post Office Hotel its a fact of Coburg life. There are drinks waiting to be drunk, leek and mushroom croquettes waiting to be eaten and relaxed vibes dying to be enjoyed. This Sydney Road spot offers seating in their front bar, dining bar, dining room or beer garden, so you can have whatever sort of experience you want.

229-231 Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9386 5300


True North

Its true one of Coburgs favourite cafes becomes a bar every Thursday-Saturday nights. The Tex-Mex menus are locked away and the cocktail menu comes out. Large wooden booths and the eclectic dcor of the venue transition beautifully from day to night with a dim of the lights.

2A Munro St, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9917 2262


The Woodlands Hotel

This is Coburgs biggest bar and its by far the most decked-out. Housed in a stunning heritage-listed building dating back to 1896, Woodlands has transformed the space into something unique. One room offers circular velvet booths and towering nutcracker statues while the next favours exposed brick and indoor ferns. The beer garden is also a thing of beauty with elegant archways, long chapel windows and foliage of plenty.

84-88 Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9384 1122


Browns Corner Hotel

We never said anything about all the bars on this list being cool. Browns Corner Hotel is a stock-standard pub and eatery, with swirly carpet and a couple of pool tables. The vibe is decidedly ordinary, but if its right around the corner and you need a place to meet your mates, maybe thats okay. Plus, as a part of cashed-up pub conglomerate PubCo Group, Browns regularly runs competitions to win extraordinary amounts of money or tropical holidays.

502 Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9354 1177

Chill Bars in Coburg
This guide will help you get a drink and have fun without leaving Coburg.
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