With their ambition to help up and coming artists print their wacky designs, check out the local Melbourne printing press making waves!

One of the biggest hurdles facing up and coming artists and fashion designers, is finding a manufacturer and distributor who either doesnt charge hefty commissions, or doesnt require expensive print runs in the hundreds or thousands.

This hurdle alone, can be enough to prevent many young artists making a move onto the scene. And thats exactly the people The Club of Odd Volumes set out to empower.

While the name sounds abstract at first, The Club of Odd Volumes aims to help upcoming artists establish themselves in the scene, without the requirement of printing their custom goods in minimum quota batches.

Starting out in 2012, Sarah Anderson and Matt Johnston commenced their fabric endeavours with little more than a few drawings and an Etsy store.

But once word got around of Sarah and Matts digital textile printing setup, they were soon inundated with friends and local artists looking to print their own designs.

By August 2013, Sarah and Matt launched their online store, featuring the work of 20 artists. Rather than increase their number of featured artists, Sarah and Matt choose to rotate their selected 20 artists, to ensure variety in their stock, and provide opportunities for new artists.

Taking care of the printing, selling and distribution of their artists products, its no wonder why Sarah and Matt became so successful.

With their passion to help the little guy, Sarah and Matts success has seen them upgrade from the back of their apartment, to a unique printing store by the coast.

Offering this ideal service to local upcoming artists, The Club of Odd Volumes empowers artists to print their own designs with no minimum printing run, takes care of the administration, selling and postage of the goods, and hands the profits back to the artists.

With their commitment to giving each of their 20 featured artists maximum exposure, this textile savvy start-up is likely to be the blueprint for many textile printing services in the future.


The Club of Odd Volumes

Website: www.theclubofoddvolumes.com|Email: shop@theclubofoddvolumes.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theclubofoddvolumesInstagram: @theclubofoddvolumes


Feature image credit to The Club of Odd Volumes.


The Club of Odd Volumes
While the name sounds abstract at first, The Club of Odd Volumes aims to help upcoming artists establish themselves in the scene.
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