The problem with regular eating is that you have no control over how much food the chef puts on your plate. All-you-can-eat lets you take control of your dining destiny, so head to one of our favourite Melbourne CBD all-you-can-eat events if you want to feast ‘til you’re full.


Chin Chin

Yes, it’s true – Chin Chin has an all-you-can-eat option, and we’re very sorry if you didn’t know about it until now. It’s called ‘Feed Me’ and once you tell them to ‘feed you’ they’ll just keeping bringing you food until you ask them to stop. It’s a brilliant way to taste your way through Chin Chin’s famous flavours and makes for an exciting, dynamic dining experience.

125 Flinders Ln, Melbourne 3000 | (03) 8663 2000


Oriental Teahouse

Every Friday night, this city teahouse becomes an all-you-can-eat heaven. The generous spread includes every kind of dumpling imaginable with a rogue BBQ bun here and there. Sessions are 1.5 hours, starting at 6 pm and 8pm and cost just $30 per person – plus, you can add wine to the spread for an extra $20 each.

378 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000 | (03) 9600 4230



By nature, all-you-can-eat isn’t all that classy. But sky-high restaurant No35 has elevated the humble buffet to new heights of elegance with their Sunday brunch. Their beautiful buffet offers fresh seafood, a carvery of premium roasted meats and gorgeous desserts – all with a side of sweeping city views. Reserve your spot for $105 per adult, $60 per child (6-11yrs) or $35 per child (3-5 yrs).

25 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 | (03) 9653 7744



Tapas is a delightful way to dine, but it always leaves you wanting more. Which is why we love Longroom’s all-you-can-eat tapas, available every Tuesday-Thursday for $35.50 per person. They don’t skimp on the selection either; the menu features snappy dishes like crispy pork belly char siu, chargrilled scallops with smoked tomato and saffron dressing, grilled chermoula prawn skewer and heaps more.

162 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 | (03) 9663 7226


Father’s Office

Wings are the perfect all-you-can-eat food and therefore deserving of this final, finger-licking spot. Father’s Office is a spacious spot and usually occupied by city types in suits who flock for the daily food and drink specials. You can score all-you-can-eat (is it too late in the list to turn this into an acronym?) wings on Wednesdays from 5pm, and they also do a tasty AYCE (yep, we’re doing it) taco night on Monday nights from 5pm.

249 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000 | (03) 9825 8999

All-You-Can-Eat Action in the Melbourne CBD
Head to one of our favourite Melbourne CBD all-you-can-eat events if you want to feast ‘til you’re full on delicious foods.
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