Woken up with a raging hunger? Help is at hand! Today Postcoder fills up on breakfast options in Caulfield South and brings you four fabulous places to get your tummy stuffed!


Turquoise Eatery

Busy from day one, Turquoise caf has got the whole breakfast thing down pat. The menu is full of hits with a great range of Israeli-inspired dishes that will send your taste buds on the trip of a lifetime. And daily specials guarantee that no matter how many times you go back theres always something new to try. Parents will be pleased with the kids menu too, with lots of little bites perfect for the babycino set.

451 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162 |(03) 9530 0005


Mr Brightside Caf

It can get a bit loud in Mr Brightside on a busy weekend, with families and cool kids all jostling for a table. But thats all part of the fun at this warm and inviting caf. The menu is easy and approachable and unlikely to scare anyone, with the offerings leaning towards classic with a twist think omelettes and porridge but with full-on flavour and lovely presentation.

189a Booran Road, Caulfield South VIC 3162 |(03) 9576 9588


Fress Caf

Fress Caf is a consistent breakfast performer known around Caulfield South for knowing how to nail a good coffee. The menu is a mix of classic breakfast options like toast with eggs alongside Israeli-style dishes like Shakshuka. But if none of that gets your mouth watering then take a look at the fresh salads they whip up on site you wont be able to resist scoffing a bowl of veg when it looks like this!

239 Bambra Rd Caulfield South VIC 3162 | (03) 9523 7377


Caf Dlish

Caf Dlish is in no danger of being considered cool. With its dated dcor and unashamedly homely vibe, this place makes no claim to being trendy. Thats because Caf Dlish is all about the food. And the menu is just a long list of hearty and filling dishes that are destined to become your new faves. Caf Dlish also makes a tantalising selection of pastries (both savoury and sweet) alongside take-home meals so you can make the good times last.

269 Bambra Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162 |(03) 9523 0245


Caulfield South Breakfast Cafes
Postcoder fills up on breakfast options in Caulfield South and brings you four fabulous places to get your tummy stuffed when you wake up starving!
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