Get on board with the Brunswick sugar-high!Theres nothing secret about these delectable treats people actually talk about them all the time. Based on this selection of sweets, its no surprise that Brunswick is a-buzz with a sugar high!

By Josephine

365 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056 |(03) 9380 8048

This adorable dessert shop is very sleek and extremely sweet. Their small display of treats is made up mostly of macarons, made with incredible care by French owner Josephine. They also do tarts and the occasional biscuit, but with intriguing flavours like Earl Grey, gingerbread and smoked milk chocolate, the macaron is the star of this sweet show!

Sweet Evelyn

128 Union St, Brunswick 3056 |(03) 9078 3734

You cant go baking delicious doughnuts and cupcakes without serving sensational coffee to accompany them. Either somebody told Sweet Evelyn or they figured it out themselves, because they do both brilliantly. This adorable micro-bakery offers indoor, courtyard and sidewalk seating or you can take your sweet spread to the park across the road.

Green Refectory

115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056|(03) 9387 1150

Green Refectorys dessert display might be the most tantalising on Sydney Road. Their homemade cheesecakes, carrot cake, chocolate mud cake and flourless orange cake haunt the daydreams of locals. This place is busy and small, so you may have trouble finding a seat at peak times; but if youre taking away, youre in luck because the cake cabinet is only two steps from the door.

Pantheon Cakes

483 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056 |(03) 9380 4634

Pantheon Cakes is deliciously old school. This family-owned Greek bakery isnt at all trendy, but nobody wants it to be. Since the 80s, theyve been doing traditional Greek biscuits, slices and a variety of baklava pastries all by the book and all scrumptious. Grab a mixed box and bring it to your next dinner party, brunch or picnic!

Albert and Sydney

382 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056|(03) 8354 6600

Housed in a grand former bank, this cocktail bar and restaurant is a splendid spot to cap off a night with something sweet. Their dessert menu is ridiculous, with creations like Donut Heaven (donut pieces with salted caramel, chocolate sauce and peanut praline), baked lemon tart with meringue, caramelised apple custard pizza and a beautiful cold pavlova.

Brunswick's Very Best Sweets
The Best Sweet Treats in Brunswick! Based on this selection of sweets, its no surprise that Brunswick is a-buzz with a sugar high!
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