Were about to do you a huge favour.

Were giving you an excuse to go out for breakfast every day for the next five days. Or eat breakfast five times in a row in the same day how you choose to live your life is your business. Thornbury is beyond blossoming; its now a hub for great food, including some of the best brekkies around. Get a brekkie buddy lined up and get yourself to our five favourite brekkie spots on Thornburys ever-expanding High Street.

Little Henri

850 High Street, Thornbury 3071 |(03) 9484 8857

Contrary to popular belief, a cold shower is not the best way to start the day. Its a three-cheese toastie! Little Henri is one of Thornburys most popular breakfast spots, offering a quirky menu of dishes like a spiced cauliflower omelette, coconut pancakes and, of course, The Toastie. There are rumblings about it being too busy, but youre probably the sort of person that will brave all kinds of busy for a good brunch.

Short Round

731 High St, Thornbury3071 |(03) 9484 3904

Theres no question that Short Round has the whole interior design thing down. But more importantly, they also have the delicious brekkie thing down, too. They bring an elegance to brekkie with their thoughtful and beautifully presented dishes. Their kitchen strictly sticks to seasonal produce, so you can expect an ever-changing menu and creative dishes that make the most of the seasons best.

Crunch Caf

669 High St, Thornbury3071 |(03) 9495 1655

The Crunch kitchen believes in good breakfast for all. The menu is a simple selection of scrumptious dishes, many of which cater to dietary requirements like vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Plus, the dining area is spacious with plenty of room for prams and high chairs, a refreshing change for parents that are sick of squeezing their families into some of the more jam-packed places in the area.

Sookie La La

593 High Street, Northcote/Thornbury border3071 |(03) 9486 5417

If you just got back from a trip to the USA and youre going through diner withdrawals, this place is your answer. They call themselves a simple diner and unlike many of Melbournes simple diners, Sookie La La actually keeps things simple. With a straightforward brekkie menu and bottomless filter coffee, Sookie La La fills you up and lets you linger.

Brother Alec

719 High St, Thornbury,3071 |(03) 9416 9428

Theres something about this place that makes you feel at home. The vibe is relaxed and the brekkie menu follows suit with approachable dishes that sound familiar at first but always have a special little twist to make them extra-delicious. Locals also rave about their coffee, a fair-trade, organic blend from Espresso Syndicate, that gets the job done and them some.

Winning at Breakfast on High Street, Thornbury
Get a brekkie buddy lined up and get yourself to our five favourite breakfast spots on Thornburys ever-expanding High Street.
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