You know how sometimes you go to a caf with a friend and when your dishes come out, you wish youd ordered what your friend has? Food envy isnt even a thing at White Mojo. Every dish is quirky, beautiful and, duh, delicious.

White Mojo CEO, Samsky, explains that the aesthetic of the menu is deliberate, developed with a specific purpose in mind. He says, Breakfast or brunch is the first meal of the day, so its really important that it brightens up your day.

The glorious Mad Mojo Waffle makes constant appearances across Instagram, photographing beautifully with its scattered fresh and freeze dried fruits, peanut butter snow & semi freddo, glossy passionfruit curd, raspberry gel, black sesame paste and vanilla ricotta.

Diners that favour a savoury flavour love the Signature Croissant Burger stuffed with the texturally superb combination of soft shell crab, smoked eel, tangy pickled cucumber, chipotle mayo, fried egg and surprise bits of chorizo crumb. And if you love croissants but soft shell crab isnt your thing, White Mojos version of the Big Mac will smash that craving with mac and cheese, jalapeo mayo, double bacon, fresh greentomato, fried egg and a buttery croissant.

Influenced by the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of his home city of Hong Kong, Samsky works with the White Mojo kitchen to redevelop the menu every three months. But one dish that keeps making the cut is the award-winning Double Cheese Chilli Scrambled Egg. Its a special and sloppy masterpiece, guaranteed to kick you in the face with a mountain of eggs scrambled with parmesan and cheddar, smoked belly bacon, chilli mayo and toasted sweet corn spilling out from a gorgeous black ink brioche bun.

Big flavours are the standard at White Mojo. And their food isnt the only thing known to pack a punch as a specialty coffee roaster, White Mojo brings that full-flavour approach to their beans as well. In fact, their house Blend won 13 medals at Golden Bean Australia 2017. When we start asking Samsky coffee questions, he smiles.

We like to talk about coffee. In the CBD, we keep it black and white no almond milk or decaf, just our house blend and our black latte. In Balwyn and in Glen Waverley, we developed a blend thats milder with a nutty flavour, and we offer alternatives like almond milk and decaf we are the only specialty roaster in those areas, so we like to do those specialty things. If we dont cater to their needs there, they cant get it anywhere.

He also says that White Mojo coffees are snapped just as often as the food. Theyre complimented on their latte art constantly but as it turns out, that art is completely incidental.

We didnt do it on purpose, Samsky says. For us to pour a beautiful coffee, we have to control that milk really carefully. For your coffee to be pretty, its not just for a picture, its actually just the sign of a good coffee.

And those coffees couldnt be served in better snapping conditions. White Mojo Melbourne CBD, Glen Waverley and Balwyn are illuminated with natural light and furnished with soft tones and subtle textures. Its a dining room that doubles as a backdrop for the hundreds of photos taken every week.

Just like the audacious food and the exceptional coffee, White Mojos interior design is all about creating an experience for customers. As Samsky puts it, If youre going out for breakfast, you want to be in a bright, happy place. Everything we give our customers is the best.

Thats probably why White Mojo is consistently labelled one of the best cafes in Melbourne – everything about them feels a little bit like magic. But not the evil kind as an eradicator of food envy, filler of tummies and warmer of hearts, White Mojos brand of sorcery is decidedly of the virtuous variety.

White Mojo

White Mojo Melbourne CBD
115 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000 |(03) 9078 8119

White Mojo Balwyn
182-184 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103 |(03) 9817 7859

White Mojo Plus+ Glen Waverley
83-85 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150 |(03) 8522 2911 |

Best of the Brunch: White Mojo setting the standard for Melbourne Cafes
Best of the Brunch: White Mojo setting the standard for Melbourne Cafes
We sit down with the team behind White Mojo to talk all things coffee and brunch and find out what White Mojo's secret to being one of the best cafes in Melbourne
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