Discover the fresh range of bespoke vitamins from this Aussie duo!

Weve all been there

Its midwinter and youre roughing it through another cold and flu season. Youre stood in the chemist staring up at the towers of multivitamins searching desperately for your elixir.

But its all so confusing.

Thats exactly the situation which inspired Melbourne-based duo Saasha Burns and Sam Leetham to take the leap into developing their own range of supplements.

With the idea to simplify the confusing world of supplements while increasing their potency, Saasha and Sam have identified the gap in the current supplements industry and are making the most of breaking into this conglomerate-ruled domain.

Seeking to clear away the underlying fog that surrounds the current vitamin landscape, Saasha and Sam have created their bespoke range of vitamins to cater for four lifestyle categories, rather than gender-specific targets.

Their current supplement offering includes four distinct lifestyle territories: PROTECT (for immunity), PERFORM (for clarity), RESTORE (for energy) and EXPLORE (for balance).

Together with their ambitious plans to disrupt the health category and further develop products underscored by simplicity, design and function, Saasha and Sams early sales figures both nationally and globally have already exceeded their initial expectations.

Crafted with a mixture of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, the BEAR range of supplements is produced with the highest quality standards and proven-beneficial ingredients.

Steering away from the current industry trend of bulking, the BEAR range does not add low levels of sub-therapeutic ingredients which have no proven health benefits. This common practice in the industry only adds to the frustration for consumers comparing products.

After two years of researching their ingredients, developing their range, and liaising with a host of industry professionals including naturopaths, pharmacists, medical professionals and the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Saasha and Sams dreams of revolutionising the vitamin and supplements market is no longer just a dream, but reality.

With their fresh insights into the globally expanding health and wellness industry, this Melbourne duo are set to be kicking goals long into the future.

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