Like any great unexpected chemical reaction, all it took was one bright spark to ignite the luminescent product line of soy candles by Melbourne duo Sara and Tristan. Warning: candle puns ahead.

Seldom will you ever see fashion design students hanging out with chemistry students. Much like chalk and cheese to two have nothing in common. Or do they? Melbourne duo Sara and Tristan McLelland of Alchemy Produx would beg to differ. Their minimalist fusion of industrial trends with seductive fragrances to create these homely, small-batch, hand-poured soy candles really outshine their competition.


The People

From the dark one-bedroom apartment to a sole-purpose production studio, Sara and Tristan have made incredible progress since 2011. Tying the knot last year, Sara and Tristan have expanded their product range significantly, even launching a collaboration fashion scene giant GORMAN. With Saras specialities in fashion design and Tristans speciality in chemistry, it almost seems like a no-brainer that this duo was destined for great success. Seeking a better work/life balance during her time as a fashion designer, Sara finally decided to take the plunge and commit to making her candle business succeed. Led by the mantra that A well-designed product should make each day a bit easier and more enjoyable, Sara and Tristan have been directed in everything they do by their central desire to be happy. And perhaps that is the true secret to their success.


The Process

In light of all their success, its almost hard to believe how it all started. Their hugely successful idea for selling scented soy candles in industrial chemistry beakers happened almost by accident when Tristan brought home a beaker from work one day for Sara to utilise in her soy candle making. And it exploded from there (figuratively, not literally). With an astounding global reaction to the candles, its no wonder the duo chose the nameAlchemy Produx:Any magical power or process of transforming a common substance into a substance of value,. From soy candles to decanters and vases, reed diffusers, elegant matches, and even accessories including wick snippers, the product range is notable and thoughtfully refreshing. This hugely successful new take on the saturated market of soy candles is certain to shine bright for many years to come.


Check out Alchemy Produx and their full line of products at


Feature image credit to Alchemy Produx.

An Unlikely Pairing: Alchemy Produx
Like any great unexpected chemical reaction, all it took was one bright spark to ignite the luminescent line of Alchemy Produx soy candles.
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