Weve discovered some of Brisbanes best walkways, to get you wandering in the right direction.

You know those things that have engines, steering wheels, and comfy seats? The things that apparently get you from A to B so conveniently? So overrated! Why drive when you can walk? All the cool people are doing it. Especially in Brisbane when your feet will jump in excitement at the variety of walks on offer, some even contain ghosts!


Brisbane Riverside

Brisbane is incomplete without a walk alongside its river namesake. No matter where you are located along the river, day or night, youll be in for a treat. Beautiful scenery, and visits from the local ibis. Theres a floating walkway, designed for walkers and cyclists from New Farm to Brisbanes CBD. Feeling parched? Never fear, there are some great places to duck in for a feed and hydration complete with a gorgeous riverside view. No cars in sight!

Brisbane River, Brisbane City QLD 4066


Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Want an interesting story to tell your friends? Tell them you walked the Story Bridge! Like, the actual frames of the actual bridge! Since opening in 1940, this beauty has had 150,000 climbs to date. As part of the experience, youll get awesome views of Brisbane and surrounds (and all those silly cars that couldnt do what youre doing) as well as a photo of the experience. Why cross it when you can climb? Yes, an excellent question.

State Route 15, New Farm QLD 4169 | 1300 254 627


Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour

Did you know its also possible to walk at nighttime? Like, in the dead of night? Yep, you totally can on the Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour. This intimate 2-hour historic ghost tour complete with an eerie tour guide will uncover true ghost stories about those that lay in the 138-year-old Brisbane Cemetery. You know theyre true because these stories have been researched from archives, libraries, former gravediggers & local Brisbanites. Librarians never lie. Its probably best we advise you not to be alone after this walk; youll be jumping at every noise as you try to drift off to the land of nod. But youll be booking in another of the other tours Brisbane Ghost Tours has on offer before that second morning coffee.

Frederick St, Brisbane City QLD 4066 | 0401 666 441


Craft Beer Walking Tour

This is a Postcoder Public Service Announcement: Do Not Drink And Drive. Luckily you wont need to when youve got this craft beer walking tour on offer! This tour stops at 3 venues around Caxton Street, where the knowledgeable staff fills your brain with beer brewing trivia and your belly with delicious free samples of their brew. Youll be a Brissie Beer Aficionado (official title) in no time! Ensure to memorise your address just in case you get a little merry.

Caxton Street, Petrie Terrace QLD 4000 | 1300 39 40 41


Walk This Way: Brisbane's Footpath Adventures
Weve discovered some of Brisbanes best walkways, to get you wandering in the right direction. Explore the city on foot and get a little exercise as well!
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