Conservation is the responsibility of the whole community, not just government Queensland Trust for Nature.

This great state of ours is a national treasure. From the rainforest to the reef, the desert plains to the mountain peaks, Queensland is a state of incredible diversity and ecological significance, both in Australia and on the world stage. But sadly, only around 5.2% of it is protected by National Parks. Thats why private conservation of our environment is so important.

Thats exactly what the team at the Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) have committed themselves to doing. Utilising their unique approach to ecological conservation, QTFN use a revolving fund model to acquire private properties with high ecological values.

This revolving fund model works by QTFN purchasing privately owned land of ecological significance. They then set about to negotiate a Conservation Agreement for part or all the land, and then resell the property on the public market with returns often more than 370% of the original investment. This gain is then used to purchase further properties and repeat the process.

This long-term method for grassroots ecological conservation works well, promulgating the important cause and ensuring that one way or another, areas of ecological importance are protected. And the best part? As a grassroots movement, this method requires just 5% of the comparable costs of National Park acquisition.

Using this incredible method for protecting our incredibly diverse environment, QTFN have preserved around 104,000 hectares throughout the state, at an approximate cost of just $1.32 per hectare!

Comparatively, National Park acquisitions usually exceed $28 per hectare. This sustainable and self-promulgating tactic for environmental conservation means a lot more of our great state can be protected, at just a fraction of the cost.

In addition to their pursuits of acquiring, protecting and reselling land of ecological importance, QTFN also works to protect the smallest creatures of our great oceans. Through their Adopt a Hatchling campaign, QTFN assist the life or death journey of baby turtle hatchlings on Avoid Island to make it from their shell to the surf. The funds raised through this campaign go towards maintaining the QTFN island sanctuary, annual research, education and monitoring programs throughout the region.

So, unless you want to live in a post-apocalyptic Matrix-style dystopia, head on over to QTFN and see how you can make a difference to our great state, today!


Queensland Trust for Nature | |1800 23 77 24


Queensland Trust for Nature
Queensland Trust for Nature
The Queensland Trust for Nature has committed themselves to the private ecological conservation of this state's environment.
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