Tell us who your head roaster is!Jahred Hughes is our head roaster.

How long have you been roasting? Danes has been roasting coffee for 24 years. We started out roasting for offices, before opening our own stores in 1995 to introduce freshly roasted specialty coffee to Australia.

And how did it all begin for Danes?

In 1994, Danes Managing Director, Paul Jackson, didnt like coffee. It tasted bitter. Burnt. Dirty. Over-extracted. So he set himself a challenge to create a coffee he loved. He started a flavour crusade. Supported by an extraordinary team, Pauls crusade became our obsession.

We separated coffee into its key elementsthen reconstructed each component. From coffee bean to water, grinder and the machine, barista training, and milk treatmentall the way through to the finished cup.

In 1999 we shared this obsession with a few other flavour crusaders and created the Danes Specialty Coffee Institute, in Brookvale NSW. A select SCAaccredited campus, we set the global benchmark for barista training and education in Australia.

Tell us more about this obsession.

Our obsession is about flavour, not form. Its about the end result, not the process.

We treat coffee creation as an art and a science.

The science comes from defining and extracting a variety of flavours from the beans we source. The art comes from the baristas skill in extracting this flavour through the machine and delivering it to the customer as a perfect cup, every time.

Today were driven by the same passion that ignited Paul over 20 years ago. Our obsession continues to create consistently flavoursome coffee that keeps you coming back for more.

What is your roasting process? We use a Probat drum roaster

What are your goals for the roastery? To continue to provide Specialty origins and blends to home Byers and discerning cafes

What are the values of the roastery? Sustainability, ethicality and relationship drivencoffee with a focus on flavour.

And whats the story behind this months Coffee Scout blend Black Velvet (e.g. what are some of the values that make Black Velvet great?) Created for AICA in 2017, Black Velvet has become our most popular seasonal blend.

Black Velvet has a remarkable flavour in milk and black coffee thanks to two exceptional origins from Ethiopia and one from Panama. Beautifully balanced, it boasts a full body with its velvety mouthfeel, exciting full flavour and is a deserved AICA winner for three years in a row.

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