Ancient practices meet modern interpretations in the creation of these Blue Gold home accessories and fashion textiles.


The Process

Perhaps one of the worst feelings in the world, is walking down the street feeling fly in your new outfit youve just purchased, only to walk past someone else wearing the exact same garment. Or perhaps youre down the beach, and someone else is wearing the same bathers as you. Or someone comes around to your house, only to awkwardly proclaim they too, own the same set of lounge cushions.

Well, do not despair! One Brisbane creative has the solution. With a creative studio located in Greenslopes, Kirsten Bailey specialises in incredible handmade garments and interior accessories which are amazingly unique.

Utilising the age-old Shibori indigo dyeing techniques of the ancients, Kirsten is bringing to life these creations of blue gold for all to enjoy. Once a hugely rare commodity for trading in the ancient world, the unique indigo dye home and fashion accessories present a modern interpretation of ancient crafts.

Using carefully chosen natural materials to complement her harmonious ancient craft, Kirsten stocks her creations at selected retailers and boutique markets around Brisbane. Alternatively, you can also find her creations at her Etsy store.

Focusing on ethical trading and good-conscience products, Kirsten has created several different ranges, including ice-dyed textile pieces which embrace stunning colour combinations to complement the primary Indigo collection. In addition to fashion accessories and textiles, Lava Living also has unique screen prints; the perfect addition to any home. Inspired by nature and complemented by traditional methods, Lava Living is a great destination for anyone looking to add that zest of ancient culture with a modern twist to their homes.


The People

Residing in Brisbane, Kirsten is of Irish and Spanish heritage and loves getting creative.

Growing up among a family of sculptors, writers, opera singers and furniture craftsmen, Kirsten was keen to explore all the creative avenues available to her, enrolling at The Brisbane Institute of Art. Experiencing a multitude of art forms including painting, drawing, sculpture, design, and goldsmithing, Kirsten fell in love with the Shibori technique and Indigo dyeing in 2015.

Since listing her new creations in 2016, Kirsten has found creative success and a welcoming reception from the Brisbane creative community, regularly attending Brisbanes boutique markets. Creating pieces that reflect her life of inspiration, Kirstens well-balanced artistic foundations can be seen throughout her range of Indigo home accessories and fashion textiles.

Living by the mantra By embracing the beauty of human error, every piece is one of a kind, Kirstens masterpieces are a welcomed addition to an industry all too often flooded by cheap generic imports.


Lara Living

Greenslopes, Brisbane QLD 4120 |0410 467 997|||@lava_living

Lava Living and the Modern Interpretation of a Dyeing Craft.
Ancient practices meet modern interpretations in the creation of these Blue Gold home accessories and fashion textiles.
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