For handmade fashion garments made with love and passion, theres only one destination in Brisbane.

If ever there was a successful fashion start-up to come out of Brisbane, Jaclets by Jacqueline Claire is it. Creating an impressive range of handmade, hand-painted and hand-embellished fashion apparel, Jac has created a hugely successful clothing label based solely on her own craft and passion for garment creation. With a range designed for babies, young girls and women, Jacs clothing line is original and diverse.


The People

After a long time of creating her handmade clothing designs as a hobby, Jac soon discovered the love she had for her craft and designs was shared by others too. Starting her label Jaclets in 2005, Jac started selling her unique garments at small market stalls around Brisbane.

As the communal love and passion for her creations grew among local market goers, so did demand. In 2009 after having her baby, Jac decided to fully commit herself to creating and growing her fashion business, sharing her beautifully unique clothing range with a broader audience.

A self-proclaimed lover of colour, pompoms, tassels, flowers and everything gorgeous, Jac is all about statement pieces designed to complement fabulous outfits. Based in Brisbane, Jac ships Australia-wide, spending her days creating her one-off garments for the simple pleasure of being happy.


The Process

Creating a range of tops, headbands, neck-warmers, beanies, necklaces, hats and infinity wraps, Jacs range continues to grow and diversify every day. Spending her days at her sewing machine, hand-stitching, hand-printing, and hand-decorating, Jacs passion for clothing design and creation is immediately clear.

With garments complete with hand-written French script (not screen-printed), Jac does not mass produce or outsource any of her work. Utilising a range of quality materials for maximum wear, Jac describes her designs as timeless, influenced by the seasons and always made with love.

Boasting an impressive 28,500+ likes on her Facebook page, Jac has clearly found a loving and appreciative community of design lovers. Still firmly grounded in her origins as a solopreneur, Jac emphatically states she will never produce 100 of the same garment, instead preferring to allow her inspiration and creativity to continuously evolve into different, fresh, new designs.

So if unique, one-off clothing made with love is your thing (could there ever be any objectors out there?!), Jaclets by Jacqueline Claire is a must to check out!


Contact: 0401 032 125 |Email:

Shop: https://jaclets-by-jac.myshopify.comFacebook:


Feature image credit to Jaclets.

Jaclets by Jacqueline Claire: Unique Artisan Fashion
For handmade fashion garments made with love and passion, theres only one destination in Brisbane: Jaclets by Jacqueline Claire.
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