From upcycled materials to stunning finished products, Gone Dottis jewellery is both unique and inspiring.

Driven by a passion to evoke love and conversation through her designs, designer and craftswoman Megan Phillips creates unique jewellery pieces with an emphasis on striking designs made from recycled, revamped materials.

Perhaps what really sets Megan apart, is her enthusiasm for handmade individual pieces. Passionate about breathing new life into old treasures, Megan pursued this creative avenue for many years as a hobby, before deciding to pursue this direction as a career.

With a love for painting and finding old pre-loved items, Megans creations are unique and inspiring. Coming from a background in accounting, Megans newfound success in the jewellery industry may seem unexpected. Yet despite this distinctly diverse change of direction, Gone Dotti has certainly found success.

With one of the broadest spectrums of inspiration from any jewellery designer, Megan draws inspiration from myriad sources, including folk lore tales, Shakespearean influences, entomology images, and anything miniature or symbolic. Having crafted pieces from scrabble letters and typewriter keys, Megans creative potential is truly limitless. Seeing any object as having the potential to be crafted into a stunning piece of jewellery, it comes as no surprise that Megans unique designs have received a warm welcome and enjoyed growing success within the local community.

Having opened a shop in 2008 called Gone Dotti on Latrobe in Paddington, Megans dream was to create a sense of community involvement and encourage talented people to sell their unique hand crafted inspirations. After repurposing the shopfront premises in 2011, Megan now uses the space as a workshop, selling her unique designs and creations at some of Brisbanes best weekend markets.

Also boasting a unique make your own range, Gone Dotti empowers customers to have an input in the pieces they want, further refining the unique appeal of Gone Dottis creations. With a love for classically iconic pieces, Megans impressive collection includes everything from brooches, to cufflinks, pendants, cufflinks, rings, bracelets and earrings.

Utilising a range of materials including upcycled materials, resin, timber, and glass, Megans creations are designed not only to be unique and inspiring jewellery, but to tell a story. So, if youre looking for jewellery that will demand to be the centre of conversation, look no further!


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Gone Dotti
From upcycled materials to stunning finished products, Gone Dottis jewellery is unique, creative, inspiring and beautiful.
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