There was once a time when the only beer available in a Brisbane was a can of XXXX. It was from an Esky and it was probably your dads so you had to drink it fast. Thankfully, the ever-growing craft beer scene in Brissie ensures you (and your dad) have some excellent venue options once the XXXX supply runs dry. Here are but a few of an ever growing crafty list.

The Scratch Bar

8/1 Park Road Milton, 4064

Got a beery itch? Youve come to the right place. Its all about the adventurous beers at this cozy beer haven. 9 taps are on a high rotation; The Scratch supports independent brewers and showcases their brews within an interestingly decorated space. Youll see beers here you thought only existed in your cheese dreams. Speaking of cheese, they offer cheese platters but also have a BYO food policy. Thats right, bring whatever food you want! Still got that itch? Maybe see a doctor.

Brewhouse Brisbane

601 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, 4102

This Woolloongabba pub has been serving beer for over 127 years. Youd think it would be tired after that amount of time, but with crafty renovations and 16 crafty beer taps on offer, they continue to be a local favourite. Brisbane Brewing Co is just down the road and it supplies many of the beers you cant really get more local than that! There are classic pub meals and you can also pretend to be listening to Aunt Nancy whilst really checking out the score on the TV screen. Dont worry, Uncle Greg is doing the same thing.

Newstead Brewing Co.

85 Doggett Street, Newstead, 4006

I dont know about you, but Im a sucker for exposed beams. Also of breweries that have a bar somewhere inside them selling the beer they expertly brew. Hence, I am a fan of Newstead Brewing Co. Check out the science of brewing beer and put your learnings to the test when tasting their array of brews at the bar. Theyre not selfish either, they save a couple of their twelve taps to showcase beers from their Brisbane brewery friends, how lovely.

Brewski Bar

22 Caxton St, Petrie Terrace, 4059

Thirsty? How very lucky! Because, with 8 rotating taps and over 200 bottles chilling in the fridge, youre bound to find a nice brewski atahemBrewski. Hungry? How lucky again, as theyve also got delicious food including 9 types of burger. Its advisable to hold onto your ale with two hands so you dont steal someone elses burger as you see them fly out of the kitchen and into satisfied mouths around you. Order one yourself, stat!

Archive Beer Boutique

100 Boundary Street, West End, 4101

Comic book wall feature, comfy couches, other non-couch-but-comfy seats, beer garden. You dont really need anything else from a bar, do you? Oh yes. Even after all that, Archive Beer Boutique also offers 22 taps of beer, as well as a myriad of bottled selections. As you leave, youll be popping this one into the archive file in your brain labelled must return to drink beer here again soon. Also as you leave, slip into their Next Door Cellars bottle shop to stock up on beer from their vast selection. This will keep you happy until you retrieve that archive file from your brain.


Buying Beer in Brisbane
The ever-growing craft beer scene in Brissie ensures you have some excellent venue options for beer. Here are but a few of an ever growing crafty list.
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