Whether its a taster paddle youre after or a full keg, these breweries throughout Gold Coast have a range of beers, ciders and ales to get you through those hot, sticky, tropical Queensland afternoons.

Burleigh Brewing Company

Offering one of the only palatable no carb, full strength lagers around, Bighead is a truly epic achievement for this local brewery. Boasting a collection of nine highly awarded craft beers, the boys at Burleigh Brewing have nailed the essential flavours you need next time you visit the Coast. If youre after a tropical pale ale, try Twisted Palm to quench your thirst. With names including Hasslehop, Fig Jam and My Wifes Bitter, youd be insane not to try some of these genuinely pleasing flavours of the Gold Coast.

2 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 | (07) 5593 6000

Aardvark & Arrow Microbrewery

Led by Marcia, Tiffany and Guy, this Gold Coast microbrewery have all your needs covered from beer tasting to venue hire, and keg hire for your next party. Their beers and ciders on offer are chemical and preservative free, making for a fresh, crisp, clean taste. With some unique flavours on offer including Ginger Cider and a homely character not often found in larger breweries, Aardvark and Arrow specialise in small batch (50 litres) beers and ciders tailored to customer requests.

4/13 John Duncan Court, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 | (07) 5593 8050

Gold Coast Brewery

With a recipe and rip-off name to match, Gold Coast Brewery has almost every flavour you could ask for. Whether its lager, ales, ciders or ginger beers from Australia, Europe, Asia or America, there is a flavour (and adequately entertaining name) for each. Fancy a bottle of Pure Blonde? Try ‘Skinny Blond’. Want a Budweiser? Try a ‘Buds Wiser’. Emu Draught? Try ‘Ostrich Draught’. Located in Nerang, Gold Coast Brewery has a taste for every flavour, and a flavour for every taste.

4/6 Indy Court, Nerang QLD 4211 | (07) 5578 3018

Black Hops Brewing

These three bearded lads are running one of Gold Coasts newest covert operations down in Burleigh Heads. With a range of stouts, ales and lagers in their cache of high calibre weaponry, their beverages are offered at some of Gold Coasts most respected craft beer venues including Ze Pickle, House of Brews, and Surfers Sandbar. With a collection of seasonal IPAs (India Pale Ales), the days of Black Hops flying under the radar are well and truly over.

15 Gardenia Grove, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 | beer@blackhops.com.au

Balter Brewing Company

Located in the southern Gold Coast vicinity of Currumbin, Balter was set up by six Aussies and a Yank. Headed by award-winning Aussie brewer Scott Hargrave, Balters primary focus is on enjoyment. Exporting beers across the country, the brew crew at Balter do more than just make good beer. They do good. Each month they make their venue available to a charity, raising funds and awareness by donating the money from all their beer sales of that evening. Now thats something to drink to. Well raise a glass to that!

14 Traders Way, Currumbin QLD 4223 | (07) 5525 6916

Gold Coast Breweries
These breweries throughout Gold Coast have a range of beers, ciders and ales to get you through those hot, sticky, tropical Queensland afternoons.
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