Its a new month and although it has a few less days to drink coffee, it just means you can drink more coffee each day to make up for lost time, right?!

This month coffee subscription box, Coffee Scout, is showcasing Blacklist Coffee, straight out of WA. Blacklist have been incredibly busy over the past 12 months with multiple cafes, moving to a new warehouse and expanding their reach through the coffee industry even further.

We took some time out to meet with co-owners Darren and Gabe at their new warehouse to chat about all things Blacklist Coffee.

Blacklist have been roasting for 4 years now. Their head roaster Gabe has been roasting for about 6-7 years and you can really understand just how experienced they are when you taste their coffee.

When we ask Darren about the roasting process hes quick to mention the development. We aim to get the perfect development of the coffee without getting any harsh bitter and over-roasted flavours, he says. We want to be able to present the regional and varietal differences in each individual coffee.

This month Coffee Scout will feature Blacklists Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Yamaru, a coffee that was specially sourced for Blacklist exclusively. In fact, Blacklist are the only roaster in Australia to offer it -and just to cement its greatness, this bean took out a medal at the 2017 Golden Bean Awards.

With this particular roast, you can expect some citrus, apricot and blueberry notes but youll find even more flavour profiles depending on how you brew it. Darren goes on to explain that bean is particularly well balanced. Its a great coffee. Well-balanced, sweet, fruity and presents itself well in espresso and filter and some even say in milk! Blueberry-coffee milkshake anyone?

This coffee has also won a bronze medal in the most recent Golden Bean (the worlds largest coffee roasting competition), making it tied for the highest scoring coffee in WA In its category (Single Origin Espresso).

So it is specifically chosen for Blacklist, is one of the highest scoring coffees in WA and is roasted by some very experienced people. Youd be a fool to not want to try this single origin yourself!

To get your hands on this months roast, go to and order your subscription today.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters
Blacklist Coffee Roasters
This month coffee subscription box, Coffee Scout, is showcasing Blacklist Coffee, straight out of WA. Here we meet with co-owners Darren and Gabe.
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