Some people like to sleep on the weekends, not these guys!

Everyone Loves The Weekend! Not to be confused with the Canadian singer/songwriter. Were talking about Saturday and Sunday, those two precious days where you can do whatever you want. Drinking, brunches, sleeping, camping, hiking or exploring – its your weekend to do whatever you please. Some people use the weekend to de-stress from the week, catch up on sleep, tackle a to-do list or hang out with friends, but for the others, the desire to explore cant be reserved for a week of annual leave. These folks work full-time, but by 5pm Friday theyre off the grid. These people turn weekends into mini-vacations, 2-day road trips and epic 48 hour escapes. They are Weekend Adventurers.

Heres a few ways to tell if you are one of them:

A large chunk of your workweek is spent daydreaming and planning your next adventure.

Sure, you work the 9-5 grind. But you live for the weekends. Monday morning you should be answering emails from your boss and creating that client presentation but in reality youre reminiscing about last weekends adventure was and figuring out the logistics of the next. The attention to detail you put into planning weekend adventures is next-level and could probably get you promoted if applied to the job youre supposed to be doing..

You and your work mates have very different definitions of a Big Weekend.

Your work mates are blowing money on beer. Youre blowing yours on petrol. Come Monday, youre recounting wild stories of adventure around the water cooler to your hungover colleagues and you all bond over having been awake to see the sunrise on Sunday.for very different reasons.

Your search history at work is 99% surf, snow and weather forecasts.

Youre obsessed. Youre not checking if youll need to take an umbrella to work or wear a poncho at the footy game. The only forecasts youre looking at are for those two cheeky days of freedom.and theyre looking great, rain, hail or shine.

You leave Friday work drinks early to hit the road.

No doubt about it, you are stoked its the weekend. The car is packed and youre ready to go. By 2pm, you can taste the adventure. Come 5pm, its taking all you have to not bolt from the office. If you didnt have to wait out rush hour, youd probably just skip the drinks.

Your favourite accessories are hiking boots, climbing ropes and a wetsuit.

They are essentials that stay fashionable all year-round and transition seamlessly from day to night. The perfect weekend outfit.

You know how to get just about anywhere in your state.

You love maps, but after enough weekends away exploring different places, youre getting pretty good at navigating without Siri.

You live your weekend to the fullest, exploring every inch your city/state has to offer

Maybe you arent climbing mountains, but instead exploring alleyways in search of the best of cup of coffee and freshest graffiti art – it doesnt matter how you adventure – just keep doing it! Heres to you, weekenders!

7 Signs You're A Weekend Adventurer
Some people like to sleep on the weekends, not these guys! Heres a few ways to tell if you are one of the Weekend Adventurers
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