From the a humble crafts table in an Adelaide Hills home studio, to the pages of Vogue Magazine, Sylvy Earls creations are more than just hats.

From her humble home studio, qualified milliner Sylvy Earl creates headwear masterpieces. Lodged in the Adelaide Hills, Sylvy makes hats and headpieces with exceeding patience and skill, creating unique headwear not easily found anywhere other than the studio of a dedicated craftswoman.


The People

As she spent her childhood keenly observing her mother sewing, crafting and creating, Sylvy soon developed a natural awe for the handmade crafts, quickly becoming familiar with a needle and thread.

Fascinated by her mothers ability to create an item solely from Sylvys verbal descriptions, Sylvy started translating her own thoughts into fashionable creations. Now with the natural knack for infusing fashion and style into her creations, Sylvys hats and headpieces are more popular than ever.

With a long-standing affinity for the low-tech millinery tools, Sylvys natural familiarity with her needles, thread, timber blocks and iron is surely what enables such a high demand for her line of headwear.

With a self-described understated style and a careful eye for detail, Sylvy combines a modest, contemporary style with striking detail. Whether creating headwear for the street, or headwear for the races, Sylvy Earls expert craftsmanship has resulted in prestigious collaborations with Vogue Australia and the Adelaide Fashion Festival.


The Process

With such intricate and artistic headwear creations, Sylvys process is surprisingly expedited. With no two creations ever the same, Sylvy can spend anywhere from three hours on a simple headband, to 10 hours on a hat, or 20+ hours on headpieces requiring more detail. With each creation requiring plenty of hand sewing, its just as well Sylvy enjoys the therapeutic process!

Taking an emotive liking to the classic Fedora hat style which her grandpa once wore, Sylvys portfolio of headpieces is both diverse and intricate. With an incredible array of styles of varying cuts, colours and purposes, Sylvys expertise is clearly apparent from just a quick browse of her catalogue. Once making a headpiece completely from drinking straws, its apparent that Sylvys talent knows no bounds!

So, if youre looking for fashionable, well-crafted headwear for this years races, why not check out Sylvys incredible catalogue?


Sylvy Earl

North Adelaide SA 5006 | | |@sylvyearl


Feature image credit to Sylvy Earl.

From Home Studio to Vogue - Sylvy Earl
From the a humble crafts table in an Adelaide Hills home studio, to the pages of Vogue Magazine, Sylvy Earls creations are more than just hats.
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