Honouring the traditional wine making process.

Tasmania Cider Co. started making quality ciders over 100 years ago – quite the feat really. But what many folk dont know is that this well loved Cider Company has since harnessed the skills and techniques of French winemaker Auguste Bonamy – an experienced wine and cider maker, who received acclaim throughout Australia for the Tasmanian cider he made from the early 1900s onwards.

In honor of his efforts in revolutionizing cider making in Australia, the Tasmanian Cider Co. has created a product bearing his name. Bonamys Cider continues his legacy by using similar principles and methods.

Bonamys Cider is a special kind of cider. Its a cider that stands out from the rest – from the way it was created, to the ingredients used.

Bonamys wanted to create a cider in Australia that is not treated like a beer. In fact – this cider is made like a wine and is meant to be enjoyed like a wine – honouring those winemaking traditions.

What makes Bonamys special, is the people and the process behind it. When made properly, the process of making cider is very similar to that of making wine. You simply press the fruit, add yeast which eats the sugars of the fruit, ultimately transforming it into the liquid we enjoy. Bonamys Cider is 100% whole pressed Tasmanian apples with no concentrate or sugar.

The natural nature of this cider showcases the beauty of the fruit and their flavours. The process of minimal intervention, finding the best quality ingredients and doing little else to let the flavours speak for themselves, is a technique not unique to the wine & cider worlds. The Bonamys taste is largely thanks to a gentlemen called Auguste Bonamy.

A French winemaker who inherited generations of knowledge and experience, spending the first half of his life growing grapes, and making the finest wine on the planet. In 1911, he did something unexpected. He set sail for Australia, in the hope he would discover soil so rich, terrains so perfectly weathered, that fruit would grow as full as it does in the South of France.

Fast forward 103 years and meet Simon Henderson. Simons philosophy is simple.

My philosophy on wine and cider, is that the fewer interventions that are made the truer the product will be to its origins.

He says that the Bonamys project was a chance to make a cider from Tasmanias Huon valley, to meet the growers and work with them and then take the freshly crushed apples to their own presses at Cascade.

Enjoy Bonamys Cider at home, the primary the domain of wine. Whether it be congregating around kitchen bench pre-diner or a gourmet BBQ in the garden. Or simply enjoy with food: from a dinner party with friends, a picnic or dining out, Bonamys will be there for those wanting to disrupt the moment with something special.


Introducing Bonamy's Cider
Introducing Bonamy's Cider
Bonamys Cider is a special kind of cider. Its a cider that stands out from the rest - from the way it was created, to the ingredients used.
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