Warwick Deare could be a marathon runner that is if he wasnt already occupied behind the counter at Pure Boutique Coffee Bar. As the owner and managing director of the trendy Glenelg venue, hes beyond busy. Attempts to catch him are difficult, but when he finally finds a moment to sit down and chat, espresso in hand, hes eager to spread the word about his hotter than hot caf and bar. We recently moved from a smaller venue across the street into this location the iconic Krypton Discs building. He says. Now weve jumped from seating 20 to seating 70 and gone from a coffee shop to a full restaurant.

Glenelg locals and the many tourists that visit the seaside strip have warmly embraced the move, filling the new venue with an eclectic crowd of customers. Warwick says, We find that the tourists are intrigued by our look and our unique flavours and flock to us from the big hotels nearby. The younger crowd is attracted to the hipster-ish/trendy vibe weve got going on. But weve also got really solid backing from the locals who know that they are always going to get a great coffee from us!

And coffee is where the cheery Warwick turns a little serious. As someone who once downed between 8 and 10 espressos a day (hes trying to cut down), getting the beverage right is a top priority. I find it really hard to let go of the coffee machine, he says, talking about the custom Group-6 Synesso beast thats the biggest in South Australia. It really draws a crowd, He says, describing the mahogany and cream coloured machine as the Rolls Royce of coffee machines. He goes on to rattle off an impressive list of its capabilities (none of which a normal person would understand), before saying basically it gets the absolute best out of the bean.

With his rep as a brilliant barista well established, Warwick is keen to showcase his other loves now that Pure Boutique Coffee Bar has expanded. He says, Im really into craft beers and specialty brews as well as coffee! he explains. Weve got some great options on tap here and fantastic wines as well. But perhaps Warwicks greatest opportunity to impress may come served on a plate, with Pure Boutique Coffee Bars menu setting the standard for casual dining in the area. Weve taken influences from around the world and included European flavours along with American ideas and very Australian dishes as well. He says. And our seasonal menu really attracts people too they know their getting fresh and healthy food. We also cater for gluten free and vegans as well, so theres really something for everyone.

With an incredible range of food and drink and a buzzing atmosphere, its no surprise that Pure Boutique Coffee Bar is turning into the place to be. And with flexible hours and a come-as-you-are attitude theres really no reason not to stop by. Just let people know were pretty much always open! Warwick says, before leaping up to get back behind that coffee machine.

Pure Boutique Coffee Bar

34 Jetty Road, Glenelg SA 5045 | (08) 7225 0928 |www.facebook.com/PURE-Boutique-Coffee-Bar-/

Glenelg's Pure Boutique Coffee Bar
Glenelg's Pure Boutique Coffee Bar
With an incredible range of food and drink and a buzzing atmosphere, its no surprise that Pure Boutique Coffee Bar is turning into the place to be.
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