Born of necessity, this Adelaide duo have created one of Adelaides favourite boutique clothing brands.

Born of a mutual frustration with generic and unflattering womens clothing, Jen Weeks and Donna Tripodi founded their clothing line Frock Me Out in 2013, with the ambition to design and manufacture colourful, fun, empowering womens garments.


The People

After meeting at art school and quickly establishing their mutual love for fabrics and design, Jen and Donna set about sketching out their funky designs.

With the desire to avoid their garment pet-hates including synthetic fabrics, shapeless cuts and dull colours, Jen and Donna set to work designing and creating a line of clothing which embraced natural fibres, bright colours and flattering cuts. As Donna had already been solving this problems for some time by restyling old vintage clothing, the desire for the duo to pair up was only natural.

As their creative vision matured and flourished, Jen and Donna stayed faithful to their vision of creating well-made clothing in styles that withstand the test of time,. As a result of their concerted and unique creative efforts, Frock Me Out has flourished into one of Adelaides best loved ladies clothing range.


The Process

Creating their clothing line solely with premium fabrics and durable natural fibres, Frock Me Out not only create individual and bespoke pieces for their cherished customers, but they also have a line of print design garments which they design themselves, and have manufactured ethically in Indonesia.

While this creative duo are fashion geniuses alone, their biggest strength is in their ability to flawlessly bounce ideas off each other in harmonious synchronicity. Collaborating on everything from dress design, cut style, print design, and fabric choice, their passionate teamwork results in a more dynamic product.

With a love for vintage-inspired geometric prints, Frock Me Out caters to a wide spectrum of customers, embracing all skin tones and body shapes.

So, if youre in the market for awesome handmade clothing that gets you compliments on the daily, head on over to Frock Me Out for the latest styles!


Frock Me Out

Adelaide SA 5000 |@frockmeout |||


Feature image credit to Frock Me Out

Meet the Adelaide Frock Duo Creating Quirky Womens Clothing
Born of necessity, Adelaide duo Jen and Donna have created Frock Me Out, one of Adelaides favourite boutique clothing brands.
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