Jo Power

Jo Power is passionate about food, fun and putting words in the right order. Originally from the USA, Jo has been living in and exploring Melbourne for nearly 10 years. She’s good at keeping some secrets, but when Jo discovers something cool, she likes to tell people about it. Jo sticks to locals haunts during the week and ventures out to try new spots on the weekend. And if someone isn’t serving something she wants, Jo will try to make it herself. Homemade apple pie doughnuts were a recent win with a failed pumpkin fry bread representing the opposite end of the success spectrum. Jo also designs greeting cards under the studio name Things by Bean. Food features heavily in her Melbourne-made card range, from triple-decker burger cakes to sandwich puns and, of course, pizza-related proclamations of love. Most of all, Jo hopes that what she writes will make you happy, hungry and a little extra-excited about your city.